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Welcome to the 2016 Moustache Nation site selection. Still reeling a bit from those shenanigans we threw down on at rice Eccles. Props to wheels hendu for blazing the speed record on the dash, although man – I think still think Phil dropping stiff-arms to ute croots and shorty looking for the oxygen tank made my morning. And moving our party just so DE could crack the Bombay in peace and quiet in front of their croots? Shiiiit. That’s weak sauce, but we still ran a muck with the ski’s, basters and JPA leading distro on the funnel.

Coming off that monster 2015 shindig in the salty salt it’s time to get down to business and shake down a new destination for the carnival next fall.

While every road game on the slate was considered, we’re down to 3 finalists.

First resume on the docket is Eugene. We unknowingly laid the roots for the Nation 16 years ago in an otherwise forgettable drubbing to the quacks that year. Big conference game in October, a re-visiting of our roots and an undeniably epic party on the perimeter of Autzen serve this up as a tasty option. Weather, possible beatdown and Jay’s wedding anniversary that day make this a squirrely one.

Next up is Compton. After receiving consideration in 2014 almost explicitly because of the opportunities that general Fish and Stallings could bring to the table in terms of layout – it surfaces once again as a monster conference game, nice early October matchup, sunny LA and quite frankly getting those two on board after a 2 year hiatus are reason alone for this one. The utter lack of Boone’s Farm in Englewood as well as having to watch the game from your seats in Ontario continue to raise eyebrows on whether to lock this down.

Last, but not least – the favorite on odds due to its non-conference status, traditional September weekend and just good all-around bar town with a central location in the roadrunners of San Antonio. Speed bumps on this one include double checking that UTSA has a football team, the non-campus environment and having to watch B-Webb and his crew riding down the riverboat in their jorts from the patio at Macaroni Grill.

After careful consideration and weighing all the options…