Houston, Texas A&M (9/5)

A cream of the crop non-con showdown with the Aggies from College Station.  Devils taking on an SEC opponent on Labor Day weekend to start the season?  One has to lick their chops when thinking about this tilt.  You have to imagine a healthy number of Sun Devils will be making the venture to Texas for this one locking it in for an all-out party in the streets of Houston.  A win in primetime on the opening weekend of the season against the Aggies would be a pretty damn fun way to start the season.

Pasadena, UCLA (10/3)

The Nation continues to flirt with the trek to SoCal for an epic conference tilt with our arch nemesis.  I’d argue there is no better place in the country for us to setup shop then out on the golf course outside the Rose Bowl.  Proximity for folks to travel, weather, plus the numerous resources at our disposal on the ground in LA could have all the makings for a turnkey tailgate setup that would be epic.  Did I mention this game is at the Rose Bowl?

Salt Lake City, Utah (10/17)

One can’t talk about a potential roadie without mentioning the Salt in the conversation.  A rogue crew of us descended upon this little gem back in 2011 and it did not disappoint.  For a state/city that has a pretty weak reputation for partying sure snuck up on us and delivered big time in the tailgate department.  These guys were locked in loaded and 100% onboard for the traditional MN 7am start time, which was impressive.  We’ve connected with a strong crew on the ground there that knows how to get it done, and MN could dominate the TG scene and make our presence felt.

Berkeley, Cal (11/28)

What to say about Berkeley and the potential of an MN invasion.  While at first blush it seems like this would be a tough fit for the Nation you can’t underestimate the combination of a San Francisco trip + public transportation to the game.  Nestled into the hills of Berkeley for a late November, potentially critical game as the last one of the season has all the merit for being a big time showdown.

Pullman, Wazzu – 11/7

Spoiler alert – no

Without further adieu …..

See you on the other side gents.  IN STACHE WE TRUST.  Snakes on a plane.  Go Devils.